A Fresh Start for Spring

Spring is such a time for transitions. Winter is gone (mostly); snow is melting (hopefully); flowers are budding. A lot of huge changes tend to happen in the Spring: graduations, weddings, spring cleaning. Spring is a time for fresh starts.

If you think about it, the very season demands transformation. This is the season in which Jesus died for our sins and the season in which he rose again, giving all of us sinners the chance for eternal life. Talk about a transformation. 

Just like flowers, so many of us wilt in the winter and use Spring as a time to change. Maybe your New Years Resolution or keeping you house clean failed and you’re ready to take on the enormity of Marie Kondo’s method through Spring Cleaning. Maybe you’re about to graduate high school or college and move into the real world. Maybe you’re starting a new life with your best friend at the altar. Maybe you’re moving across the country or getting ready to study abroad this summer. 

But maybe you’re not doing any of those things.

Maybe you’re not in a season of radical transformation just yet. Maybe you feel stuck in a life you’re not exactly happy with but feel like you can’t change yet. 

I love Spring because of all the possibilities I find in this season. Rebirth, life after death, renewal, all of these things come from this season, and you don’t have to have this life altering change happen to experience the joy of Spring. 

Here are Five Ways You Can Experience Transformation this Spring Without Uprooting Your Life

  1. Change your scenery: repaint your walls, hang up a new picture, swap out your comforter, vow to open the curtains more often. It doesn’t have to be a big change. Just a little change can make your space feel like new. 
  2. Start a New Hobby: learn how to knit, go hiking more often, start Bible journaling, read more books; practice drawing or painting. This doesn’t have to cost you a thing. Finding a new hobby is the easiest way to feel like a new person. 
  3. Swap Out Your Wardrobe: tired of thick, dark sweaters and heavy coats? Take your winter wardrobe and shove it under your bed or in another closet or wherever you won’t have to look at it and put your spring/summer clothes in the spotlight. Maybe even add a few new pieces for the season! 
  4. Start a Healthy Habit: do you feel lethargic, depressed, or just gross all winter long? Me too, girl. This Spring, try making yourself a smoothie for breakfast instead of cereal. Go for a run now that’s it’s finally warming up a bit. Open the curtains more often, buy fresh fruit, or grill some asparagus outside. You’ll feel better, and the winter blues will seemingly magically disappear. 
  5. Learn to Say Yes: I know, I know, everyone is always telling us to “learn to say no” and not get overwhelmed by responsibilities. But for some of us, we say no too often. Especially in the winter, when it’s cold and we don’t want to leave the house. Learn to say yes to that new yoga class or coffee with a friend or a stroll around the park. You don’t have to say yes to everything, and you shouldn’t, but it can be good to get out of the house, get outside, and socialize. 

I get it.

I have spent years praying for radical transformations. I live for moments of change, for transient periods of life, for constant new experiences. For a long time, I struggled with every year that went by without a major change in my life. It’s hard.

I realized that change doesn’t have to be huge. It can be small and still have a big impact. It can seem meaningless at first, but even these tiny changes in life have lasting effects and are life-altering in their own ways. 

Try making a small change this Spring and see what happens!

What’s your favorite transition to make during Spring? Leave me a comment; I’d love to hear from you! 

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